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Name:Mouri Shin
Birthdate:Jan 16
Location:United States of America
RP Journal for Mouri Shin from the anime Yoroiden Samurai Troopers a.k.a. Cye of the Torrent from Ronin Warriors. I try to stick to YST canon because RW was... basically an AU for a dub. x_X

Character Name: Mouri Shin / Suiko no Shin
Canon: Yoroiden Samurai Troopers (Original of Ronin Warriors in the US)
Point Taken from Canon: Kikoutei Densetsu (OAV #2), the morning after arriving in Africa

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heteronormative (n/a in canon)
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Hair Color: Auburn Brown
Height: 5'7"

Other: Epic 80s mullet
Clothing: For now, a rather fetching pair of khaki floodpants, loafers, and a pale blue sweater with plaid undershirt.

Background [app section]
Shin is the only son of a very traditional Japanese household, raised in the coastal town of Hagi (Yamaguchi prefecture) where his family is famous for their pottery. His father died of cancer before Shin was 10 years old, leaving him to care for the household while the women worked. He obtained his Suiko armor at 15 and has fought alongside his friends on and off for 3 years to stop the Nether World's encroachment on the Mortal World, as a member of the Samurai Troopers. Recently, Shin has been trying to confront the nature of his armor as a weapon against a resolve to control his own destiny. He arrived in Africa after his 4 friends fought - and lost - to a formidable opponent, leaving them beaten up physically and wracked emotionally. Shin managed to help them rest by soothing their souls with his armor's power. When the guys woke the next morning, Shin got a little smug/proud, but then Byakuen did something weird by roaring. It felt like a big tug, which is when Shin was taken to Somarium! Woo!
Personality [app section]
Growing up without a father and as the one expected to run the family business when he was of age, Shin was trained in many cultural practices his family thought would be beneficial to him in the future, but there were many things he picked up being the only man in the house as well. He is a notoriously good cook and this came from years of preparing meals while his sister and mother worked, same with knowing the ins and outs of cleaning a house, doing laundry, etc. On the traditional Japanese side, he was taught the art of the tea ceremony and flower arrangement. Sensing the incoming Westernization, his family made sure to have him study abroad in Britain and Ireland during summer breaks to learn English conversation, which Shin now enjoys, but he developed a British accent to his English speech as a result.

At the end of the day, Shin is still an 18 year old boy. He likes teasing his friends, especially if they make a minor mistake that he can poke fun at. He'll drink in social situations and even get a little rowdy if he has a friend he's comfortable palling around with. He tries to be the easy-going one who can understand people's faults, accept them, and lightly chide the person into better behavior instead of being angry or condescending towards them.
Specialties/Abilities [app section]
They are listed out individually, but there are basically four types of things Shin can do:
- Static Skills as the Suiko/Torrent Armor Bearer such as speaking with marine life
- Orb Powers which Shin can only do while holding onto his power orb, such as Heal the Spirit and summoning his armor.
- Armor Powers he has while in his light sub-armor, such as affecting Shield Barriers.
- and lastly Full Armor Powers he can only do while in his massive fullplate armor, such as his Surekill move.
Affection Hugs and everything else up to but not including rape is fine. He hangs off the shoulders of his friends and occasionally gives hugs.

Fighting Yes absolutely fight with Shin! He's used to it and I enjoy combat prose, coming from a background of tabletop RP-ing. He can be killed, but please plot ahead for maiming or other serious non-life-threatening injuries due to player squick. Please just bear in mind that his style is attrition and disarming maneuvers, nothing offense-heavy.

Other Permissions n/a that I'm aware of

Other Facts This is not the techno-savvy member of the group. He's getting pulled from mid-year 1991, when clunky desktop computers were still largely used by programmers and academics, not the public at large. Data was stored on large floppy disks from 8 inches wide to 3.5 inches wide. Mobile phones were heard of, but expensive and still not all wireless. There's no indication Shin was much of a gamer or grease monkey either, though he owns a scooter. So while he won't be in the same camp as a character plucked from the 1800s and asked to fathom modern amenities, things like the Dreamnet and Dreamberry itself will still strike Shin as 'advanced' technology.
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